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A common HR task is to update the status of an employee toward the end of the employee's probation period if any. The regular procedure is to confirm the employee.  enables quick access to these common tasks through the Actions tab. It is recommended that you use Employee Directory or Employee Overview to filter employees requiring confirmation and then proceed to this page.

  1. In the Actions tab, click Confirm Employee.
    The Confirm Employee menu in the Action tab

  2. Search for an employee
    The Confirm Employee page.
    Confirm employee whose details are on display.
    The Confirm Employee page - another view.

  3. Click Confirm Employee.
  4. Click OK in the Confirm Employee summary message box.
    The Confirm Employee summary message box.
  5. The status changes to Confirmed in Employee Directory.
    Staus reflects as Confirmed in Employee Directory

Learn more about the process by watching the video here.