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In the Clean Up Payroll page, you can clean up certain discrepancies and errors that creep in to Payroll such as disbursement of salary to a resigned employee. This error may happen because employee resignation happened after Payroll processing for the month or general errors during Payroll inputs.

  1. In the Actions tab, click Clean Up Payroll.
    The Clean Up Payroll link in the Actions tab.
  2. The Clean Up Payroll page displays.
    The Clean Up Payroll page.


  3. Select required employee details from the Exceptions drop-down list.
  4. Click .

    Click Clean Up All Employees if selecting all employees impacted by an exception.

  5. A success message displays.
    Success message for clean up of resigned employee details.

    The salary details of the resigned employee are no longer visible. Similarly, you can no longer process salary of employees under stop pay or excluded from Payroll until such restrictions are rolled back.

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