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Bulletin Board is a space intended for the posting of public messages to employees such as official bulletins, online newsletters, or office memos. You can even have file attachments and expiry date. This is a complimentary feature available to subscribers. greytHR enables you to create and post messages on the Bulletin Board for one or more employees from this menu. The posted messages appear under the Notification link on the employee's homepage.

  1. Click Employee > Admin > Bulletin Board.
  2. Click The Add Bulletin button. to add a new bulletin.
  3. In the Add Bulletin page, enter details as follows:

    It is optional to upload a file. To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Employee > Core Actions > Add Bulletin Board. Note that the Start Date is any date from current date onward.

  4. A success message displays.
    The Add Bulletin success message.
  5. The Bulletin Board page displays with the new bulletin.
    The new bulletin displays in the Bulletin Board page.

    The Bulleting Board will be available only for the customers who have not opted with Feeds. The customers opted with Feeds can navigate to Bulletin Board through the following path: My Info > Miscellaneous > Bulletin Board.