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greytHR enables you to easily track your bank transfers of the current payroll month and their status in this menu. Once a statement is generated, you can also download the file in the bank-specified format or export to MS Excel. The user interactions on this page are:

Create Bank Transfer

  1. Click Payroll > Payout > Bank Transfer.

    The Create New Bank Transfer button displays only if there are employees pending for bank process. To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Payroll > Bank Transfer.

  2. Click The Create New Bank Transfer button. to start the Bank Transfer wizard.
  3. In the Transfer Type page, select bank details as follows:

    Employer Bank provides employees flexibility of selecting from a choice of banks with whom your org has a tie up. Employee Bank requires you to use the template for transfer process of the empaneled bank.

  4. In the Select Employees page, select employees from the Employee Filter drop-down list or click The Plus icon to select from a combination of filters.

    Click to view records with error. By default, greytHR displays all records.

  5. In the Options page, enter details as follows:

  6. Click  to display the download page.

  7. Download the file and/or close to return to the Bank Transfer page.

View Status

  1. In the Bank Transfers tab, click required icon along side a selected transfer to download or export the transfer.
    Click the transfer name to view its details.
    Details of selected bank transfer. 
  2. To void a transfer, click The Recycle Bin icon..
  3. In the Cancel message, click The Confirm button..
    The Cancel message.
  4. Click the Void Transfers tab to view the cancelled transfer.
    The Void Transfers tab.

    Note that you cannot reverse a cancelled transfer. Also, you can either click the icon along side to export the transfer or click the transfer name to view further details on the screen.

  5. In the Pending Employees tab, view the employees pending bank transfer.
    The Pending Employees tab.

    Note that when you cancel a transfer, the employee count increases for pending employees.


Click here to watch the video on how to create a bank transfer for the emloyees.

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