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Attendance Info legend now updated with count

The legend in Attendance Info is now updated with respective employee count:
The Attendance Info page displays.

Attendance Regularization should flow to Named User (Admin)

You can now enable Attendance Regularization by Admin or named user. To do so, go to System Settings > Attendance > Attendance Options and select required option from the Attendance Regularization Reviewer drop-down list.
The Attendance Options page with Attendance Regularization Reviewer selected.

Next, select Attendance Regularization Reviewer and related options from System > User Administration > User Roles > Attendance. Go to Workflow > Setup > Workflow Reviewers and ensure the Provider Type is set as Named User.
The Add Workflow Reviewer page

Now, you can regularize attendance for an employee from Workflow > Monitor > Attendance Regularization.

Named User can regularize attendance directed at self or a manager.