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New Lock Categories

Attendance Lock prevents attendance-related activities in situations such as when Payroll runs. The lock action is based on the type of category you select. In the Leave > Admin > Attendance Lock Config > Add/Edit Attendance Lock Config page, new values are added in the Category Type drop-down list: The values are:

MASS_OVERRIDEprevents mass override by Admin
SHIFT_ROSTERprevents Shift Roster from being implemented
ALL_ACTIVITIESprevents all Attendance-related activities
LEAVE_APPLYprevents user from applying for leave in a given date range
LEAVE_CANCELprevents user from cancelling leave in a given date range

The values operate within the selected date range. The action you select as per Category Type comes in to effect on Effective Date. For example, you may prevent application for leave between 5th and 7th of August but the actual lock comes in to effect only from 8th August.

The Total Hours Column Added in Attendance Info

In the Leave > Information > Attendance Info table view, you can now view Total Hours worked per day by an employee. For example, if the Shift is for 9 hours and employee worked 10 hours then Total Hours is nine and Excess Hours is one.
The Total Hours column in the Attendance Info page.

The Manual Override page

In the Leave > Admin > Manual Override page, Admin can override attendance of selected employee. For more details, refer Manual Override