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Using the different menu options under the Attendance settings group, you can define shifts and attendance schemes and also associate rules with them. To configure the Attendance settings group, go to System Settings from the configuration drop-down list on the top-right corner, and then click Attendance from the left menu. Perform the following steps to configure the various menu options under the Attendance settings group.

  1. Create a Shift
  2. Create a Shift Rotation Policy
  3. Create an Attendance Policy
  4. Create an Attendance Scheme

Following is a list of the commonly performed attendance operations:

 Select Attendance Info Options to be Displayed (For Admin as well as ESS portal)

You can now select the Attendance Info options related to an employee's working hours that can be displayed. To configure the display of the same:

  1. Scroll down to Show On Details Tab.
  2. Select the working hours information to be displayed in the Details tab of the Attendance Info and save the options.

Figure 1 - Select Attendance Info Options


 Continuous Present Alert Notification
  1. Navigate to System Settings > Attendance > Attendance Policy.
  2. Click the Edit Policy Info icon '' for the desired attendance policy.
  3. In the Attendance Status Criteria page, click the All Rules button.
  4. Check the box Continuous Present Alert to enable the notification.
  5. Click the edit icon '' to change the number of days. The number of days that the employee is continuously present starts from 5 and the recipient of the notification can be configured under Event Notification.

Figure  2 - Editing the Number of Days that the Employee is Continuously Present for Sending Notification

 Leave Deduction Balance Can be Considered as on End of the Deduction Month

greytHR now provides an option to consider the balance for leave deduction, in the Attendance Period Finalization page, based on the end of the deduction month. Prior to this release, leave deduction balance was considered as on the current date. To enable this option:

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Attendance > Attendance Options.
  2. In the Consider balance for penalty leave deduction based as on drop down, select As on end of deduction month.

Figure 3 - Selecting the Balance for Penalty Leave Deduction Based on the End of the Deduction Month

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