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A manager receives requests from employees to regularize their attendance based on org policy, such as month end attendance processing, or when sign in/out of Employee Self Serve is not available for a period. Admin can also regularize attendance using greytHR.

  1. Click Workflow > Monitor > Attendance Regularization.
    The Attendance Regularization page.

    A list of active (pending) items displays. Click the List drop-down list to view completed items.

  2. Click an active item to view its details.

  3. Click The Accept button. against the date for which attendance is requested.
    Detailed view of a pending regularization request.

    You need to process request date wise before processing the complete item. Note the Accepted message in green to indicate that request is processed for the corresponding date. Enter remarks, if any, when you accept or reject.

  4. Click Accept for the request.

  5. A success message displays.
  6. In the Attendance Regularization page, select Completed from the List drop-down list to view processed items.
    List of items for which attendance is processed.
  7. Click an item to view its details.
    Detailed view of a completed item.

    The Employee Self Serve of the employee will also reflect the completed status under Activities > Track > Attendance Regularization > Completed.

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