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The Attendance Muster page, displays the monthly attendance data per employee along with the different leave types and other holiday information.

  1. Navigate to Leave > Information > Attendance Muster.
    Figure 1: Viewing the Attendance Muster page

  2. In the attendance Muster page, double-click on a value and type the legend codes to add or override attendance for an employee. For example, type P for present, L for leave or H holiday.

  3. Your changes are saved automatically. To download the muster report, click The Excel Export button..

  • You can insert multiple values in a cell based on the number of sessions configured for a day. For example, PA signifies Present for the morning session and Absent in the afternoon.
  • The changes in  Shift Roster do not reflect in Attendance Muster and vice versa.

  • Post regularization, color coding reflects as Yellow for regularized days and Pink for overridden days. Regularization has higher priority than Shift Override so you can regularize even after overriding. For example, if an employee is absent for full day but overriding was done for the first session then you can still regularize and mark attendance for full day. Such an overridden day will display in Yellow. If you first override and then regularize then the day will display as blank yellow. If you regularize and then override then the day will display in yellow with the letter P.

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