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The Attendance Lock Config allows you to lock attendance related activities such as mass override, leave apply and so on. For example, you may prevent application for leave between 5th and 7th of August but the actual lock comes in to effect only from 8th August. You have a liberty to select any number of category types and lock them for a period of time.

To lock attendance activities, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Leave > Admin > Attendance Lock Configuration.
  2. In the Attendance Lock Config page, click . A new Add/Edit Attendance Lock Config page appears.

    Figure 1: Viewing Add/Edit Attendance Lock Config page
  3. In the Add/Edit Attendance Lock Config page, from the Category Type drop down, type or select the category that you want to lock.

    You can select one or more category types that you want to lock.

  4. In From Date and To Date fields, define the date range for which the selected category(ies) have to be locked.
  5. In the Effective Date field, define the date range from which you want the category to be effective from.
  6. Click . A message appears stating your records have been saved successfully.