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greytHR displays the complete attendance data for an employee on the Attendance Info page after processing the swipe, leaves, holidays and attendance regularization. You can also see the details of the deductions that the employee is entitled for and the rule associated with it.

Perform the following steps to view the attendance information of an employee.

Show/ Hide Swipe Data

  1. Navigate to Leave > Information > Attendance Info. The Attendance Info page appears. Click on Calendar or Table based on the type of view in which you want the attendance information to be displayed.
    Figure 1: Viewing the Attendance Info page

    Calendar View

    Table View

  2. Select the employee whose attendance information you want to view.

    The attendance information of the employee is displayed under the Details tab. On clicking a particular day, the details of the associated rule and the in line action for it is displayed. In addition to this, legends related to the status of a particular day are displayed at the bottom of the page. You can also see the shift assigned to the employee based on the Shift Code displayed.

  3. Click on the various tabs (Swipes, Shifts and Shift History) along side, to view the details of the attendance.

    Figure 2: Viewing the employee's attendance details

  • Employee's work scheme name is displayed under GEN.
  • If the employee is working under shift logic scheme, the Work Hours in Shift Time option appears.
  • The date and time on which attendance is processed is displayed, under the date for which you want to view your attendance. This is displayed only if attendance is processed for that day.

Figure 3: Viewing Attendance Details.

  • The system will display a message for the automatically inserted IN/OUT swipes. For example, if you forget to swipe while coming or leaving, the system will take the last In/Out swipe data and display the missing swipe as In or Out swipe.
    A message appears stating:
    • If Out swipe is missing— System inserted out-swipe since matching out-swipe not found.
    • If In swipe is missing— System inserted in-swipe since matching in-swipe not found.

Figure 4: Viewing Attendance Swipes

  • An Attendance Exception field appears for the dates that you have made exceptions for an employee after their attendance is processed for that day.
    Figure 5: Viewing the Attendance Exception field
  • Once the attendance is processed after attendance period finalization, the employee's deducted leave type appears under the date for which it was processed.
    Figure 6: Viewing the deducted leave details


  • For the FIT-LOT attendance scheme, the Swipes tab will display the actual work hours of an employee based on the difference in their In/Out swipes. If the Work Hours are 10 and the employee was in office for 4 hours, in the Actual Work Hour field, 4 hours will be displayed.
    Figure 7: Viewing the Swipes tab

    Figure 8: Viewing the Actual Work Hour field
  • The Scheme Info tab, allows you to make changes with the shift's effective date.
    Figure 9: Viewing the Scheme Info tab 
  • The Summary tab, displays the overview of an employee's average in time, out time, number of late in days, early out days, penalty days and so on. The In-time calculations are based on the present day status. The Penalty row displays the accurate penalty days after Attendance Period Finalization is processed. In the tabular view, the From date would be by default and To date can be selected by clicking on the respective date. However, you can also select the From and To date range from the calendar that appears.
    Figure 10: Viewing the Summary tab
  • If an employee is not assigned an access card, a message pops up on the Attendance Info page for that employee.
    Figure 11: Viewing the access card details message

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