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The starting point of the Attendance module is the Shift. Facility is provided to define various Shifts that are in operation in the organization.

Each Shift is divided into two sessions. Each session has a scheduled in time and a scheduled out time. These two sessions are typically referred to as Session1 and Session2.

Each Shift is associated with two other time parameters, an in margin and an out margin. They cover the time period in which we consider a swipe as belonging to a Shift.

Grace period refers to the grace time for every Shift. An employee belonging to a Shift can come in anywhere between the scheduled in time (i.e. in time + grace period) or go out anywhere between the scheduled out time (i.e. out time - grace period) and still not appear as being late or going out early.

Other attributes of the Shift include Shift Code, Session 1 in time, Session 1 out time, Session 2 in time, and Session 2 out time.

Shift Roster

This is a list of employees with shift assigned for a selected period. It could be a weekly roster or monthly roster. This is to ensure that adequate resources are available and scheduled for work well in advance.

Muster Roll

All organizations, typically maintain a register with a list of all employees. Against calendar days, time office clerk or front office person records whether each of these employees' attendance status. It could be Full Day Present, Half Day Present, Absent, Leave, Week Off, and Holiday.


This refers to the time-points (or clock times) when an employee has physically entered or exited the organization.

Swipe Information can be captured from various sources. Some of the common sources from which we can capture Swipe Information are:

  • Swipe Cards readers placed at an organization’s entry and exit doors
  • Punch Card readers employees use to punch their Time Cards
  • Biometric readers that read thumb impressions and record times when the impressions are made
  • Web-based modules where employees log in and perform a clock-in action so that the time of clock-in can be recorded

Attendance Regularization

This is a process to regularize employee attendance (i.e. request for change in Attendance Status). This is typically used when an employee has a mismatched swipe or has forgotten to swipe for the day.

In this process, the employee applies for Attendance Regularization and concerned Manager needs to approve the same. Once approved, the status of the employee for the day will be marked as Present during the attendance processing workflow.

Over Time

Over Time (OT) is defined as the time period worked by an employee over and above scheduled Shift hours.

OT is not the same as Excess Hours. Excess Hours indicates the amount of time spent by the employee over and above Shift Hours. OT is the subset of the excess hours and needs to be approved by the employee’s manager.



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