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Sometimes, salary revisions are done retrospectively from many months before. Hence, arrears (difference in salary) for all those months must be paid. The arrears calculator determines the difference between the revised pay and actual pay for the arrears period, and then updates the arrears components. Various concerns, such as taxation and statutory deductions, are automatically handled.

To view the existing record of arrears processed, navigate to Payroll > Payroll Inputs > Arrears. You can also navigate to Actions > Payroll > Pay Arrears or Actions > Arrears to go to this page.

Figure 1: Viewing the Arrears page

On the Arrears page that appears, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Process arrears for all employees or for an individual employee in a batch
  • Process arrears for all or selected batches
  • For each batch, get details of the payroll month, employee count and date from which the arrear is effective (with respect to the batch).
  • Expand each batch to see the employee number, employee name and arrear amount
  • Edit a batch, delete an employee or a batch, view statement of a batch or employee
  • Filter employees based on payroll month, employee filter, employee name, employee number, effective date and batch name

    On selecting the option All in the Payroll month filter, both the Process and Process All buttons are disabled.

Here's how you can process the payroll:

  1. Click The Pay Arrears button. to start the Pay Arrears wizard.

    Click to process arrears for a new joinee. New joinees must be present in the payroll month for arrears calculation.

  2. In the ARREAR EFFECTIVE FROM section, select the effective date for the arrears form the calendar that appears.

    Figure 2: Selecting the effective date for Arrears
  3. Type the remarks, if any, in the Remarks text box.
  4. Click Next. You are moved to the Employees section.
  5. Select the employees using the checkbox adjacent to the employee name and click the   to move the selected employees.

    You can select a group of employees so as to process arrears in a batch.

    Figure 3: Selecting the employees

  6. Click Next.
    Figure 4: Processing the arrears

  7. In Process and View section, verify the arrears processed for the employees.

    Figure 5: Verifying the arrears processed


    To view detailed statement per employee, select the employee and click The View Statement button.. This opens the statement as a report.

  8. Click The Finish button. to exit the wizard. The Arrears page displays records of the newly processed arrears.

  • Click The Download icon. to view the Arrears Batch as  a report.
  • The ECR report for arrears can be directly downloaded from Reports > Reports > Reports Gallery.
  • New joinees need to be present in the payroll month, for arrears calculation.

Click here to view the video on how to process arrears or watch it here, now: