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Here is a screenshot of how the greytHR application looks.  Get familiar with various areas on the screen to get the most out of the application.


  1. Company logo: You can update your company logo and it will appear in this location.
  2. Main menu: The various menu items correspond to a module (Leave, Payroll, etc.) or an area of concern (Workflows, Reports).
  3. Features menu: This area provides a menu group and sub menu items leading to specific feature pages.
  4. Sidebar toggle: Sometimes, you have so much data to see, you will wish the entire screen space was available. What are we for if we don't address your needs? Click this button to make the sidebar .menu go away and click again to make it appear.
  5. Main tab: All the action happens here! This is where you will see information and get things done.
  6. Actions tab: The magic happen here! Go to this tab, think of some work you want to do, type into the search box. Voila! A page link magically appears.
  7. Activity tab: So want to know what you or your fellow users are up to with the application? Go to this tab to view your activity stream.
  8. Support button: Click this button to quickly raise a ticket with our Support department related to any product issues, queries, or help you may need.
  9. Notifications: A small box shows the pending notification count. Click on it to see the notifications.
  10.  User Menu: At the top right of the page, the user name is displayed along with menu options for account management and to sign out of the system.
  11. Payroll drop down list: This drop down list displays the currently selected payroll month and lets you switch to any previous month's payroll. 
  12. Settings menu: This drop down list has menu options to perform User Administration and system configuration.
  13. Help menu: This drop down list has menu options related to application help and support.
  14. Employee Segment drop down list:  A feature for advanced users that let's you activate an employee segment (essentially, apply a filter on your employee list).
  15. Help button: For new users, we have a brief and helpful overview for every page. Once you are familiar with the application, you can collapse this Help section and save some screen real estate. Of course, you can toggle this button to show the Help again.
  16. Self Help button : For new users, we have organized a guided product tour here.


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