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The new release of greytHR, version 5.0 sports a brand new user interface. The entire application was re-imagined and redesigned. 

For old time users who are attuned to the menu navigation of the previous version, the change can be disorienting. To assist users to quickly orient themselves to the new user interface, we have put together a document that maps all the old menu items to the corresponding menu navigation in the new version. 

(PDF, 5.03 MB)

Main Menu

The Main menu at the top of the page offers access to various modules or areas of concern you may have. The number of menu items that appear in this menu depends on factors such as your subscription plan and the user roles (permissions) assigned.

Sidebar Menu

The sidebar menu on the left side of the page has menu items related to the module you have selected such as Employee.  In this side bar, menu items are aggregated into various groups. You can click on a menu group to view all menu items.

While the menu groups are highly specific to each module, there are some menu groups are consistent across the various top-level menu items (modules). These common menu groups are as follows:

Overview Menu Group

This menu group usually has menu items that link to a dashboard or overview page.  It may also link to pages that allow you work at an aggregate level instead of working with details.  For example, this menu group also contains links to the Employee Directory and the Employee Reporting Hierarchy pages.

Information Menu Group

This menu group has menu items related to an individual employee such as employee information, leave details, salary information, etc.

Admin Menu Group

This menu group has menu items related to admin work such as issuing employee letters or Form 16,

Setup Menu Group

There are various set up activities an administrator will need to do from time to time. However, these are not daily activities and they are relegated to the Setup menu group such as Holiday List, Letter Template configuration, or Salary Setup.

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