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Thank you for choosing greytHR

If you are the administrator in your company, we have a lot of useful documentation and guidance on this site to assist you in getting the maximum benefit from our HR & payroll software.

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Looking for help on a specific topic?

The best feature of greytHR is our friendly support team that is eager to help you out. If you have a query, issue, or need help, do not hesitate to raise a ticket from within the application for timely support.

Additional Resources
Greytip Support Center

Raise helpdesk tickets or discuss topics in our forums.

Greytip Website

Learn more on our website.

Greytip Blog

Read our blog for the latest news.

greytHR FAQs


To help our users to quickly resolve queries in many areas like eTDS, Form 16, Leave Year End etc., we are bringing simple and easy to follow FAQs.

Come, set yourself up for success today!

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Leave Year End
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