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The greytHR Add Employee wizard guides you through the process of adding a new employee. You have the flexibility to enter comprehensive information about a new employee as soon as the person joins or first add salient details and update remaining details later. Use the Employee Directory page to view a listing of all employees. You can also search quickly based on values such as department, location, or category.

Perform the following steps to add an employee:

  1. Click Add Employee in the Employee Directory page.

    Under Actions tab, click Add Employee.
  2. Follow the wizard to enter basic information about the employee.

  3. Follow the wizard to enter information about the employee position.

    You may enter only required or basic information and revisit the sections later. This includes entering PF details and performing verification here or later.

  4. Follow the wizard to enter information about the employees' PF, ESI, and LWF.

    • Any registered organization with 20 or more employees must be registered in EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization) to deduct PF from the employer as well as the employee.
    • Any salaried employee with gross monthly salary less than 21,000 INR must be included in ESI deduction.

    To Add LWF Details, ensure you have selected Include LWF checkbox.

    The Add Employee excel importer is enhanced with a column Is Employee Covered Under LWF to facilitate LWF deduction for employees added in bulk.

  5. Click Finish to confirm adding an employee.

    Before you finish, you may revisit the previous steps. If you click Cancel then you will lose unsaved changes.

  6. Click Close in the summary message confirming adding an employee or click Add Another Employee to add another new employee.
  7. Employee Directory displays with the new employee details in alphabetical order of Employee Name

You can also search an employee by entering their employee name in the filter bar.

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