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It is a busy day's work for HR folks and there is a lot of stuff happening all the time. Recruitment, offer letters, onboarding new employees, confirmations, transfers, resignations... Thankfully, there is greytHR to help you manage all these activities without much effort. The business demands us to do a lot many actions and greytHR easily lends itself to your multiple needs. 

Let us say you want to carry out some work within greytHR. One way to do it is to navigate to the relevant page, and then perform the action. Before you can do anything, you need to know how to navigate to the relevant page. If you are not familiar with the application or if it is a less frequently used feature, chances are that you may have to hunt around for the relevant page or even end up reading the user manual. However, we have designed a much faster method to quickly wrap up your work with our innovative Actions tab:

No matter where you are, just click the Actions tab to quickly access all the activities you can do from within the application. While you can browse the various actions that are neatly classified into tabs, an even faster technique is to type the action in the search box. The search results show up and you simply click the result link to navigate to the actual page from where you can perform the action.

With the Actions tab, you don't have to navigate to a particular page to carry out an action. Your search for what you wish to do and the application will lead you to the relevant page in no time.

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