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The information (report) that moves from Payroll to Accounts is typically called as a Journal Voucher (JV). This page enables you to generate, cancel, and export generated JV and so have a smooth link between Payroll and Finance in greytHR. You generate the report for Finance as a spreadsheet. The user interactions on this page are:

Generate and Download JV

  1. Click Payroll > Payout > Accounts JV Export.
    The Accounts JV page for the selected month.

    Select the month for which you require Journal Voucher (JV). To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Payroll > Generate Accounts JV.

  2. Click The Generate button..
  3. The generate JV message displays.
    The generate JV message.
  4. The JV displays with date of generation.
    The generated JV.
  5. Click The Export JV button. to download the data.

    Revisit this page any time to view the data for selected month. You can download the JV as spreadsheet or Tally xml that can be imported in to Tally.

Cancel and Download JV

  1. In the Accounts JV Export page, select the month to view the generated JV.
  2. Click The Cancel JV button. to cancel the JV and return to the Accounts JV Export page.
  3. The Cancel JV message displays.
    The Cancel JV message.
  4. Click Confirm to cancel the JV.
  5. A cancellation message displays.
    The JV cancelled confirmation message.
  6. The JV details display in the Accounts JV Export page.
    List of cancelled JVs.

    All JVs cancelled for selected month display in this list.

  7. Click the cancelled JV to view its details on the page.

    To download the cancelled JV, click The Download button.. To revert to the list of cancelled JVs, click The Back button. or cancel currently generated JV.

    Import JV from greytHR to Tally

    If you have selected the Tally xml for JV Output type while setting up the template and downloaded the Tally xml file, open Tally and Import it