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greytHR has features that help you quickly perform certain tasks. These features repeat across the system. It is recommended that you read the following features so as to use them better.

Search on an Employee

Most of your tasks are employee-specific. Therefore, you need to search on an employee so as to perform a required task such as adding visa details or updating current designation. To perform tasks for a particular employee:

  1. Click the The Employee search bar search control to find the employee. 

    Once you select an employee in a page of greytHR then the employee's details display in all other pages.

  2. In the employee search control, enter the first few characters of the employee name or number and select from the search result.

    Employee search result

    The default search is by Current employees. To search on Resigned or All employees, click Drop-down arrow of the Employee Search Control. to select required option. Employee Search Control changes color with your selection.

  3. The page displays information about the selected employee such as in Employee > Information > Previous Employment:
     The Previous Employment page

Filter on a Criterion

You may need to perform tasks on a group of employees based on a criterion. The filter bar helps you quickly segregrate based on preset criteria such as Leave Type as Sick Leave, Employees who are Confirmed, or Payroll for January 2014. To filter on employees as an example:

  1. Go to Employee > Main > Employee Directory.
  2. Use any or all of the filters.
    Filters in Employee Directory
  3. The Employee Directory page view changes as per your filter. For example, you can filter on current employees who are still trainees to obtain a result similar to the following image:
     Employee Directory filter result


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    To filter on a criteria, go to Employee Directory. – Seems to be out of the current context. May be in tips for filtering Grid this can come

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      Note my change. Thanks! Also indicate your preferred step number icon from the given samples in Filter > Step3.

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    Tip :Once you select an employee in a page of GreytHR then the employee's details display in all other pages.

    Suggested change : Once an employee is selected in a page of GreytHR, all the details pertaining to that particular employee will be displayed in other pages.


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      NA as suggestion is passive voice.