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Leave Granter helps you quickly grant leave for one or more employees. By default, processing is automated through a scheduler. You can also do it manually. Leave Granter helps perform:

The grant of leave irrespective of an employee's elgibility (based on factors such as leave balance) is based on Leave System Settings.

Filter on Type

  1. Click Leave > Admin > Leave Granter.
    The Leave Granter page.
  2. In the Leave Granter page, filter on either Grant Type or Leave Type or both.
    Filters in the Leave Granter page.

    Batch refers to the grant batch and Count to the number of actually processed leaves. Negative values in count indicate ineligible leaves.

  3. Click The View icon. to view batch summary or The Trash Can icon. delete batch details in a selected row.

View Batch Summary

  1. In the Leave Granter page, click The View icon. in a selected row.
    Row selected in the Leave Granter page.
  2. In the Leave Grant Batch Summary page, view or delete leave details for all or selected employee. For example, note that the Privilege Leave recorded for Aadesh Hiralal Sonar in the Post Leave Transaction page displays here as follows:
    The Leave Grant Batch Summary page.

    Click The Employee filter. to display the employee search control to search on an employee.

Grant Leave

  1. In the Leave Granter page, click The Grant Leave button..
    In the Leave Granter For Year <yyyy>, enter details for scheduler as follows:
    the Leave Granter For Year 2014 page.

    To directly go to this page, go to Actions > Leave > Grant Leave.

  2. Click The Grant button..
  3. A success message displays.
    The leave granted success message.
  4. The Leave Granter page displays with details of the scheduler.
    Scheduler details for new employees.
  5. Click The View icon. to view leave granted through scheduler as follows:
    Details of leave granted through scheduler.

    The granted leave reflects in the Employee Leave page for the respective employees.