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The greytHR Onboard lets you to fill your basic, professional and academic information, yourself. What’s more satisfying than submitting your own information and being cent sure about the accuracy.

Here is how you can get started:

  1. You’ll first receive a link via an email using which you have to set the new ESS password. Click the link.

    Figure 1: Viewing the Email

  2. After the password is set, you’ll be directed to the landing page.

  3. You can upload your profile picture first and then click the Let’s get Started button. You’ll be redirected to the greytHR Onboard wizard.

  4. Start by filling your personal information, previous employment, accounts & statutory, your details, family & nominations.

    Figure 2: Details sections

    You can switch between sections anytime in between the process.

  5. In the Attachments section, you can add files like education certificates, previous employment letters, ID proofs and so on.

    Figure 3: Viewing the Attachments section

  6. Click Save & Next after each section. A summary page appears with all your updated information.

    Figure 4: Viewing the Summary page
  7. Verify and click Submit. A success page appears.

  8.  In the success page, two columns- Reference and Forms to be submitted appear, respectively. The Reference section contains the forms for your reference and can only be viewed. Whereas, the Forms to be submitted section contains the forms that can be filled in with the requested information.

    Figure 5: Viewing the Reference and Forms to be submitted sections

After the information & data has been verified, accepted details will be available in Employee Self Service (ESS) under My Info > Miscellaneous >  Documents .

When you enter some incorrect information or format, in any of the section and move another section, the section with incorrect info will turn to orange color. However, you can go back and edit before submitting.

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