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There are various statuses associated with each claim. Based on these statuses, you can either withdraw or delete a claim. However, you cannot perform any action when your claim is in certain status. The Table 1: Status of a Claim explains the various statuses associated with a claim and the action that you can perform on the claim when it has one of the statuses.

Table 1: Status of a Claim

StatusDescriptionAction that you can perform
AppliedIndicates that you have already submitted the claim for approval.You can withdraw the claim.
PendingIndicates that you have saved the claim, but have not yet sent it for approval.You can delete the claim.
WithdrawnIndicates that you have withdrawn a claim that you have already applied for.No action can be performed on a withdrawn claim.
ApprovedIndicates that the Reviewer has approved the claim.No action can be performed on an approved claim.
RejectedIndicates that the Reviewer has rejected the claim.No action can be performed on a rejected claim.


The following section familiarises you with the procedure of withdrawing a claim.

  1. On the My Expense Claims page, expand the particular claim that you want to withdraw.
  2. Click the Claims tab. The Withdraw button appears under the Action column if the Status column displays the text, APPLIED.

    Figure 1: Withdrawing a Claim
  3. Click on Withdraw. The Withdraw Claim dialog box appears.
  4. Click Confirm to continue with the procedure of withdrawing the claim. The claim is withdrawn and appears in the Claims tab with the text WITHDRAWN under the Status column.

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