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The Employee Information page, helps you navigate through your personal information stored in the employee records. Information such as your basic info, qualification details, asset info, address, career info and so on are available in this section. 

To navigate to the Employee Information page, click the My Info menu on the home page and then click Employee Information under Miscellaneous.

Figure 1: Viewing Employee Information














The information that appears on this section can be categorized under the following two headings:

Viewing Basic Info

This section has various tabs. These tabs open one beside the other. When you have multiple tabs open, you can navigate to the adjacent tabs using the left and right arrows present on either side.

Following are the various information that you can view under this section:

Basic Info

This tab displays details such as your name, father's name, PAN number, confirmation date and so on.

Figure 2: Viewing Basic Info

Qualification Details

This tab displays your educational qualification such as year of passing, university, level of education and so on.

Figure 3: Viewing Qualification Details

Asset Info

This tab displays the details of the assets provided to you by your organization. Asset, received date, asset value are recorded and displayed here.

Figure 4: Viewing Asset Info

Bank Details

This tab displays your bank account details like account number, bank name, branch name, account type, payment type and IFSC code of your bank.

Figure 5: Viewing Bank Details

PF Details

This tab displays PF date of joining, UAN, PF account number, KYC identity and if your are covered under ESI.

Figure 6: Viewing PF Details


This tab displays your current residential address.

Figure 7: Viewing Address

Aadhaar Card Details

This tab displays your aadhaar number and name as per your aadhaar card.

Access Card Details

This tab displays your access card details and validity of it.


Apart from the above information, you can also view details of your nomination, passport, visa, appraisal and so on. These information are displayed based on the tabs that the Admin has enabled for you.


Viewing Career Info

Under this section, you can view the following information.

Category Information

This tab displays your total work experience in the organization, job location, designation and grade.

Figure 10: Viewing Category Information

Previous Employment History

The Previous Employment History tab, displays your previous organization's joining and leaving date, designation, company name, reason for leaving and so on. You can see this information, only if the Admin has enabled this tab for you.


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