You can use the Help Desk feature of greytHR, to raise tickets and track them. Individuals who are assigned with certain categories, can then go ahead and resolve these tickets.

Raising a Ticket

Perform the following steps to raise a ticket in Help Desk:

  1. Click the Actions menu and then click Apply from the menu that appears. The Apply page appears displaying the various options on its left menu.
  2. Click Help Desk. The Help Desk section appears with various option to raise a ticket.
  3. In the Category field, select the appropriate category from the drop-down list.
  4. In the Query text-box, type your query or problem.

  5. Click Browse to attach a relevant document along with your query.

  6. Click Submit. A message appears prompting you that your ticket has been succesfully submitted.

Figure 1: Raising a Helpdesk Ticket




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