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  • Tracking Your Leave Applications
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The Track Workflows page allows you to review and keep a track of various workflows that were initiated by you. To navigate to the Track Workflows page, click the Actions menu on the Home page and then select Track from the drop-down list.

Figure 1: Navigating to Track Workflows Page


This page displays the following tabs related to your Leave:

  • Leave—displays the leaves you have applied till date.
  • Leave Cancel—displays the leave applications which were canceled.
  • Leave Comp Off—displays the leave application for compensatory off.
  • Restricted Holiday Leave—displays your restricted holiday leave applications that your have applied for.

Figure 2: Viewing Track Workflows Page

You can also withdraw your pending leave application, open the leave application from the Active tab and then click the button.

Figure 3: Withdrawing the Leave Application

The Active and Completed tabs appear on the right side of pages that appear after you click the above mentioned tabs.

  • The Active tab displays applications that are under review.
  • The Completed tab displays all the reviewed leaves.

You can view your detailed leave applications by clicking the double arrows [] icon. For a complete review summary, click Detailed View icon [].

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