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The Password Management page allows you to change your password and view your login history. To navigate to the Password Management page, click your username appearing at the top-right corner and then click Account Settings from the menu.

Following are the actions that you can perform from this page:

Change Your Password

Perform the following steps under the Change Password tab to modify your password.

  1. Type your current password in the Current Password text box.
  2. Type your new password in the New Password text box.
  3. Retype the new password in the Confirm Password text box.
  4. Click Save Changes. You password is updated as per your details.

Figure 1: Changing the Password

Track Your Login History

The Login History tab enables you to keep a track of your login details. You can get the the following information from this tab:

  • The last date (instance) when you logged on to the greytHR application.
  • The last date (instance) when you failed to log on to the greytHR application.
  • The date on which you had last changed your password.
  • History of all your previous logins, with details of the date on which you attempted a particular login and the IP Address from which you attempted the login. Click the arrows to go to the next and previous pages.

Figure 2: Viewing Login History

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