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  • Creating a Reimbursement Claim
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You can create a Reimbursement Claim from the My Reimbursement Claims page that appears when you click the My Info menu and then click Reimbursement Claims under Salary. Perform the following steps to create a Reimbursement Claim:

  1. Click New Claim on the My Reimbursement Claims page. You are taken to the Reimbursement page of the Apply action menu. This page displays the Claim number, Creation Date, Amount Claimed and Reviewer.
  2. Click on the Please select a claim field and select an item from the drop-down list that appears. The items that appear in the drop-down list, are already defined by the Admin for you.

    The New Claim button also appears on the Reimbursement Statement page.

  3. After you have selected the claim item, click on Add Bill. A section appears displaying various fields related to the claim item.

    Figure 1: Creating a Reimbursement Claim

  4. Type the bill number in the Bill No text box.

    If the Attachment option is not available, go to System Settings > Miscellaneous > Advanced Options. Search for bill. Check the box Can employees attach bill info while applying reimbursement?

  5. Click on the Bill Date field and choose the date from the calendar.
  6. Type the reimbursement amount in the Amount text box.
  7. Click Browse to select attachments for the claim. While selecting attachments, make sure that you select attachments of the type specified, which are less than or equal to 10 MB.
  8. Type a remark for the claim item in the Remarks text box.
  9. Click Save to add the claim item. You can add multiple claim items as per your requirement.
  10. Click Send for Approval. A popup window with Download and OK buttons is displayed. Click the Download button to download the claim form and submit the same to the reviewer for approval.


  • Click Save & Submit Later  if you want to save the Reimbursement Claim for the time being and send for approval at a later point of time.
  • Click Cancel if you do not want to cancel the process of creating the Reimbursement Claim.

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